Using the highest quality American materials and craftsmanship, these grand piano covers are custom manufactured to fit any make and model piano. First, select your brand of piano from the choices below. Select the "Grand Piano Covers - Shop by Size" option if you do not see your piano model listed. We have a wide selection of materials for your cover, including vinyl, mackintosh, and quilted patterns.

Why Buy a Grand Piano Cover: 8 reasons why you need one!

Piano covers are the only way to protect your valuable instrument and are common in homes. However, the substantial protection they offer from damage is also vital for pianos in public places and places of high traffic, including universities, churches, hotels, concert halls, schools, auditoriums, and resorts. Below are some main reasons you should buy a piano cover.

Piano Covers protect your piano from physical damage, including scratches and chips: 

grand piano cover is an important barrier between the wood surface of your piano and the surroundings. Unfortunately, a piano does scratch reasonably easy, and repairing and refinishing one can cost thousands of dollars (take it from someone who had a piano floor lamp fall over on their piano...). A piano cover will help prevent those dings and scratches.

A piano cover can help reduce the sound while playing:

Many customers live in situations where the noise of the piano is an issue. People in apartments frequently ask how they can make their pianos quieter and try various things, from caster cups to stapling thick blankets to the underside of the piano. One great way to control sound levels is to get a quilted piano cover. With the slits in a body (approximately where the legs are), it is possible to flip over the front section of the piano cover and play the piano--as opposed to taking the entire cover off to play. Keeping a quilted cover on helps reduce the sound. We've had customers tell us it reduces sound by 30-40% even.

A piano cover protects your piano from sunlight damage: 

UV rays damage the finish of your piano and are the number one cause of premature aging of your instrument. The sun can create hairline cracks in the finish and can lead to fading or darkening. If your piano is exposed to a lot of sunlight, a piano cover is a worthy investment and highly recommended.

Note that if your piano is exposed to a lot of sunlight and you live in a warmer climate, you will want to get a quilted or mackintosh cover. Vinyl traps heat, so you would not want a vinyl cover.

Piano covers to protect your piano from dust:

Dust gets everywhere, including inside your piano. Dust and grime on the wood or lacquer finish of the piano can be abrasive, and dust and dirt gathering on the keys will eventually cause them to stick and become difficult to play. Even wiping the dust off the piano can lead to scratching it. Dust damages the inside of your piano as well-- dust that accumulates by the tuning pins, the string bearing felts, or the dampers will take their toll on your piano over time.

Piano covers to protect your piano from humidity and temperature changes: 

Changes in humidity and weather are harmful to your piano and cause it to go out of tune. If you live in a humid climate, purchasing a piano cover is recommended, as it will help maintain the atmosphere.

Piano Covers are fantastic for those with pets - especially cats:

We all love our cats, but they tend to want to jump on top of the piano and even crawl inside and sleep on the strings. A piano cover is excellent for preventing the cat from scratching the finish and keeping him or her outside of the piano (cat hair on the piano is never good!). Something to consider: if you think your cat wants to sharpen his claws on the cover, we recommend the heavy-duty quilted black mackintosh piano cover. This material has the most padding of any of the cover options, and mackintosh is not prone to snagging.

Piano Covers offer protection from liquid:

Restaurants, clubs, hotels, banquet halls, and resorts often buy a piano cover to help prevent drink damage. People love to put their drink on a piano, leaving a ring on the finish. You also have to worry about someone knocking over a glass, and damaging the inside of the instrument. All cover materials offer a certain level of protection from liquid, but if you are worried about spills, we recommend a quilted cover. A vinyl cover offers a nice, flat surface to set a drink down on. The padded quilted material, on the other hand, does not look as stable, and from our experience, people tend not to put drinks on quilted covers.

Storing your Piano:

If you will be storing your piano for months, for example, in a summer home where it is not used, it is a good idea to get a cover. New and unprotected pianos age quicker and go out of tune faster. Also, keeping it covered will help control the humidity and keep out the dust.

Why Buy American-Made Piano Covers

Many grand piano cover choices are available on the market today. Sources range from cheap foreign imports to home tapestry businesses looking to make a few extra dollars. If you want a quality cover, however, it is essential to buy from an American company, that has over 25 years of experience, and specializes in making piano covers. With hundreds of brand-specific templates, and a thorough knowledge of piano design, our seamstresses will make the best cover for your piano and its location. Simply put, the highest-quality, most attractive piano covers are made in the United States and are the only product you should cover your piano with.

Quality Material: The key to an attractive and durable piano cover

The quality of the fabric is the key to a cover's durability, as well as its elegance. For instance, cut-rate imported vinyl covers do exist, but the vinyl is very thin and of poor quality. It will crack quickly, and it offers limited protection to your instrument. Furthermore, these covers look cheap (everyone knows what cheap vinyl looks like--too shiny and almost plastic-like in appearance). The covers on this site all use high-quality, furniture-grade vinyl.

We work with material companies in the United States, and have spent years evaluating and selecting the best fabric choices for piano covers. We're confident that we offer the highest-quality material options of any manufacturer.


One of the many problems with imports, and places that do not specialize in piano covers, is that there is no room for customization (especially if it comes to the US prepackaged). Manufacturing all of our covers in the United States, allows us to make a product specifically for you. Whether it be size, material, color choice, or additives such as locking straps, an embroidered piano logo, or a full-length cover, our experienced seamstresses can work with you.

We Specialize in Piano Covers!

There is still something to be said for companies that manufacture in the United States. Unlike imports, we are not just part of an assembly line cranking out numerous products. Our company specializes specifically in producing covers for grand and upright pianos and we take pride in our work and our relationship with the piano community. In business for nearly three decades, we have years of experience and an extensive knowledge of piano covers, and you can count on our company to continue to be around for many years to come.