Piano Covers Made in the United States

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We work with the top piano cover manufacturers across America, to provide our customers with the widest range of product and material options. Our goal: quality. No cheap foreign imports with inferior materials and craftsmanship. Our hand selected suppliers make covers that are durable and meant to last, and offer the ultimate in protection and design for your musical instrument.

With over 100 of the most popular piano templates, get a custom fitted cover for your grand or upright piano. Simply choose your brand of piano and its corresponding size. If you do not see your piano listed, email us and a custom cover can be made for you based off your measurements. Or, go with a generic cover, designed to fit pianos in specific size ranges (ex. grand pianos from 5'7" to 5'9").

More than providing protection from scratches, spills, and dust, a piano cover is an aesthetic addition to your room. We are happy to offer the widest range of color and materials choices online, allowing you to match and accentuate the decor of your room. Furthermore, we offer an embroidery option, where you can add the manufacturer logo to your piano cover. What better accessory for your Steinway grand piano, than to have a beautiful cover with the Steinway logo on it?

Piano Cover Features:
  • All our piano covers are custom made in the United States by the top piano cover manufacturers
  • Patterns for all grand pianos are available
  • Choose a custom-fit, brand specific piano cover, or go with a standard cover to fit pianos in specific size ranges
  • Multiple color and material options -- vinyl, quilted, mackintosh
  • Highest quality materials used
  • Custom Embroidery Available
  • Complete range of Piano Covers for Uprights, Grands, Baby Grands, Concert Grands, Digital Uprights, Clavinovas, Digital Grands and Harpsichords.

Why you need a piano cover:

To Prevent the Effects of Temperature Changes and Dampness:

A piano cover helps maintain the atmosphere for pianos when there are changes in the humidity and weather. Frequent changes will make your piano out-of-tune. A cover can be especially important for those living in humid climates, as humidity can damage the wood of your piano.

To Protect the Piano from Sunlight Damage:

If a piano spends its entire life in the sun, it will not be long until the damage to the finish becomes noticeable; sun damage is the most common cause of premature aging in pianos. ultraviolet rays can create hairline cracks in the finish and lead to fading or darkening.


Dust gets everywhere, including inside your piano. Dust and grime on the wood or lacquer finish of the piano can be abrasive, and dust and dirt gathering on the keys will eventually cause them to stick and become difficult to play. Even wiping the dust off the piano can lead to scratching it. Dust damages the inside of your piano as well-- dust that accumulates by the tuning pins, the string bearing felts or the dampers will over time take their tole on your piano.

To Prevent Physical Damage to your Instrument:

A piano cover will protect your piano against scratching, major blunt force and rubbing trauma (take it from someone who had a floor lamp fall on their Steinway--a piano cover is a much cheaper solution that having to have you piano refinished). Covers are also great for protecting against liquid damage, as people all too often set a drink on top of a piano. Vinyl covers and nearly waterproof, and a spill can be quickly wiped up--plus no more rings from the bottom of cups.

An Attractive Accessory:

In addtion to protecting your instrument, a piano cover can add to the room's decor. A classy piano cover adds elegance to the room, and the numerous color options allow the customer to customize their cover to compliment the decor. A cover can also be a great way to highlight your instrument, especially if you choose to have the brand of the piano embroidered on the front of side of the cover. What better accessory for a steinway grand piano, than a black quilted cover with the Steinway logo on the sideboard?