Welcome to AmericanPianoCovers.com

Welcome to our online store, your premier destination for premium piano covers proudly made in the United States. In business for 30 years, we set out with one goal: to provide the highest quality grand and upright piano covers on the market. With a focus on custom craftsmanship, where all of our covers are handmade by our skilled seamstresses with years of experience, and a dedication to finding and supplying superior cover materials, we believe we have met our goal in offering our customers the most attractive and finest quality piano covers available today.

A Wide Selection of Premium Materials:

One area that sets us apart from our competition, is our dedication to using high-quality materials. Over the years, we have worked with material suppliers across the United States, evaluating and sourcing the finest fabrics and materials to craft our covers. Our wide selection of options includes vinyl, mackintosh, premium quilts, and heavy-duty quilted mackintosh covers. Our eleven different material options helps our customers to personalize their choices to meet their specific needs for both functionality and design.

We have bypassed the idea of creating cheap, thin covers, that will not last, and have concentrated on providing a premium, high-end product. Our attention to detail extends beyond just aesthetics. Our piano covers provide superior protection against dust, scratches, and other potential damage, ensuring that your piano remains in pristine condition for years to come. AmericanPianoCovers.com is proud that you will not find a piano cover from one of our competitors that uses more attractive or better quality materials--and that applies to the outer fabric layer, padding, and inner lining of the cover.

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Custom Made In the United States:

All of our piano covers are custom-made upon your order, in the USA. No cheap foreign imports or factory-produced products. Our skilled seamstresses sew each cover, ensuring superior durability and long-lasting protection for your piano. We have hundreds of templates for the most popular pianos, to provide a properly fitting cover. If we do not already have a template for your piano, you can mail in a template, and have a cover custom-made for no additional charge. Or, we would be happy to make you a generic size cover.

Customer Service:

We at AmericanPianoCovers.com strongly believe that customer satisfaction is our number one objective. We feel confident that our customers will receive high-quality products that will more than meet their needs and expectations. We appreciate your business, and look forward to working with you.