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Yamaha Clavinova Digital Grand Piano Cover

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Grand Piano Cover

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Our Yamaha digital grand piano covers are custom-manufactured in the United States. Hand-crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail by our seamstresses with decades of experience, these digital piano covers offer unparalleled style and protection for your Yamaha Clavinova electric piano.

We have brand-specific templates for many of the Yamaha digital pianos. To order, select the model of piano from the drop-down menu, and choose from our wide range of options. If you do not see your model in the menu, please email us and we can check to see if we have a template. If we do not, you can submit a paper tracing of the top of your piano, and the seamstress can make a custom cover at no extra charge.

A Yamaha piano deserves the ultimate in protection, and furthermore the ultimate in style. As with all furniture, outside of design, the quality of materials is what gives the product an elegant and professional look. That is why it is so important to go with an American manufacturer who uses quality fabric and craftsmanship.

Yamaha Digital Grand Piano Models and Sizes:

  • Yamaha Advent N3 (3'11")
  • A2
  • A24
  • CGP-1000 (5'2")
  • CLP-175GP
  • CLP-220
  • CLP-265GP
  • CLP-295GP
  • CLP-465GP
  • CLP-565GP
  • CLP-665GP
  • CLP-695GP
  • CLP-765GP (3'9")
  • CLP-795GP
  • CVP-109
  • CVP-309
  • CVP-407
  • CVP-409
  • CVP-609
  • CVP-709
  • CVP-809
  • CVP-900
  • DGT-2


Material Choices

The foundation of a piano cover is the quality of the materials used. We have spent years working with American material suppliers, carefully reviewing and selecting the finest materials for their aesthetic appeal, protection, durability, and functionality. We are confident that we offer the highest-quality, most attractive fabric options on the market.

  • black vinyl piano cover

    Black Vinyl

  • brown vinyl sample

    Brown Vinyl

  • white vinyl piano cover

    White Vinyl

  • beige vinyl piano cover material

    Beige (Tan) Vinyl

  • burgundy vinyl piano cover

    Burgundy Vinyl

  • black mackintosh piano cover material

    Black Mackintosh

  • brown mackintosh piano cover material

    Brown Mackintosh

  • piano cover black quitled nylon

    Black Quilt

  • black premium quilt piano cover material

    Premium Black Quilt

  • brown premium quilt piano cover material

    Premium Brown Quilt

  • quilted black mackintosh piano cover material

    Heavy Quilted Black Mackintosh

Piano Cover Material Guide

Want help deciding between material choices? Click below for a detailed description of each fabric choice.

Side Slits for piano cover

Side Slits

Side slits are designed to allow you to play the piano without having to take the entire cover off. Side Slits are put on each side of the piano cover, above the front legs. This allows the pianist to simply flip the front part of the cover back to play the piano, without having to completely remove the entire cover. This provides a seamless and convenient solution for those who require frequent access to their piano, without compromising on its protection. A very popular option, and added to the majority of covers.

piano cover embroidery logo

Embroidery (Logo)

For the ultimate look of luxury, we recommend custom embroidery for your piano cover. For an additional fee, we can embroider the piano brand logo on either the front of the cover above the keys, or on the right sideboard of the piano (located above the leg on the sideboard). A great way to highlight your beautiful instrument, even when it's covered. Embroidery comes standard in gold thread. Custom colors are available upon request.

For details on our industry-leading embroidery, along with some examples, please click the link below.

Read More: Piano Cover Embroidery
piano cover locking straps

Locking Straps

Locking straps are a popular option when the piano is in an area where people will want to remove the cover and play it. The straps keep the cover in place, and act as an effective barrier against tampering. Many schools, hotels, resorts and churches add this option to ensure their piano stays safe and secure.

How do locking straps work? There are 3 straps sewn into the cover--one by each of the front legs and one at the back of the piano. The straps meet underneath the piano in the middle, forming a "Y" shape (note larger covers will use 4 straps, forming an "X" shape). At the end of each strap is a plastic D-ring. You turn one of the rings sideways and insert it through the other D-ring. When you turn it back, they will now be interconnected (as shown in the picture below). The cover is now securely on the piano, and the straps need to be disconnected in order to remove the cover and play. Note that if you need additional security, you can add a padlock to the D-rings, completely preventing someone from removing the cover without having the key to the padlock.


Shipping on all grand piano covers is free to the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $79.95 per cover. Shipping to Canada is $89.95 per cover. International customers, please email us for a shipping quote.