Piano Cover Embroidery

For the ultimate in luxury, we recommend custom embroidery for your piano cover. For an additional fee, we can add the piano brand logo to either the front of the cover above the keys, or to the right side of the piano (above the leg on the sideboard). A great way to highlight your beautiful instrument, even when it's covered. Embroidery comes standard in gold thread. Custom colors are available upon request.

What Makes Our Piano Cover Embroidery The Best In The Business:

At AmericanPianoCovers.com, we take pride in the superior quality and craftsmanship of our piano cover embroidery—and we believe the caliber of our embroidery sets us apart from our competition. Unlike many others, we collaborate with a professional embroidery company that specializes in delivering exceptional results. This partnership ensures that our embroidery reflects a truly professional and polished appearance, one which you can only find with our covers.

What distinguishes our embroidery is the attention to detail and craftsmanship, with the commitment to producing a professional-looking product. Simply put, this means spending the money for a significantly higher thread count, longer embroidery production times, and more accurately digitized piano brand logos.

Larger Embroidery

Our embroidery is larger, allowing for a more proportional, visually striking, and prominent display of your piano brand's logo. Please view the below example of an embroidered Steinway piano cover, comparing our cover to that of one of our competitors. In this case, their embroidery is approximately 7.5” wide, and ours is 13”. And unlike our competition, we adjust the size of the logo based on the size of the piano cover, in order to keep it looking proportional (meaning the actual size of the embroidery on a 7’5” grand is going to be bigger than that of a 5’1” piano).

piano cover embroidery comparison

Higher Thread Stitch Count

We utilize a higher thread stitch count, resulting in a denser and more intricate stitching pattern that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. By utilizing a greater number of threads and creating a tighter pattern, we achieve a rich texture and depth, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the embroidery. This is particularly important for logos that have lettering that is bolder and/or larger (for example a Kawai). We’re aware this is not a frequent term, so practically speaking, you could have an embroidered Kawai piano logo that uses 4,000 stitches and one that uses 8,000 stitches. While they would both be Kawai logos, the higher the stitch count, the larger and more intricate the design. Spacing between stitches can also make a difference. For instance, you could put a stitch every 1/8 of an inch, or every half inch. The closer the stitches are together, the higher quality the embroidery, and the more texture and depth it adds.

Authentic Piano Brand Logos

Unlike some competitors who simply use common fonts for their embroidery, we go the extra mile by incorporating the actual logos of the piano brands into our designs. By using the authentic logo, we capture the essence and identity of the brand, infusing your piano cover with a touch of exclusivity and authenticity—an embroidered piano cover is elegant looking, and stands out in your piano room. Note that some piano brands have changed logo designs over the years—we will use the most common, and newest logo.

Digitized Piano Logo and Design Quality

A note on the logo itself. Digitizing a logo so that it can be used in an embroidery machine is not cheap, and the professional creating the design can make a big difference in the final appearance of the logo (think of the accuracy of the logo, stitch count, space between stitches, etc.). It’s not as simple as just scanning a picture of a logo—someone has to draw out and design the image that will be used on the embroidery machine, and the amount of time and effort put in is reflected in the details of the final product. Therefore, while multiple companies may offer an embroidered logo for a brand of piano, there can be significant differences in the quality and appearance of the logo design (for example, a Yamaha embroidery from one company is not going to look the same as the Yamaha embroidery from another company). This is where the above-mentioned attention to detail in the design, such as stitch count and frequency of stitches, can make a big difference in terms of texture, depth, appearance, and accuracy.



steinway grand piano cover with logo embroidered
  • Bosendorfer piano cover black quilted padded with embroidery
  • steinway piano cover with logo embroidery black quilt
  • yamaha piano cover embroidered logo
  • kawai grand piano cover with embroidered logo
  • Steinway Piano Cover with Logo Embroidery
  • Estonia piano cover with embroidered logo