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Piano Leg Wraps - Quilted for Protection

Piano Leg Wraps - Quilted for Protection

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The piano leg wraps attach to the legs of your grand piano via two Velcro straps. They are ideal for protecting the legs of your piano from external damage and scratching. Available in the same material options as our piano covers. They measure 23 inches in height. Sold in a set of 3.

If you're looking for the material that offers the most protection, we recommend the heavy-duty quilted mackintosh option (which has the most padding). It's a more durable material, as it's a little thicker than the premium quilt, and it is not prone to snagging. The inside of the wraps are lined with a soft cotton material, protecting the wood of your piano. 

For those of you will small children running around the house, a constant concern is that they will trip and hit their heads on the sharp edges of the piano legs. The quilted piano leg covers are a great solution to help dull the sharp edges, and offer some protection against possible injury.

A frequent question we receive is, "How to protect the piano legs from dogs and cats."  These leg covers will provide a certain level of protection for the piano's finish. The heavy quilted mackintosh would be the best option here. Please note, however, if the cat decides to use it as a scratching post, they will eventually be able to tear up the cover.

A well-made product, using high quality materials, manufactured in the United States.


Shipping for our protective piano leg wraps is free to the United States. International customers, please email for a shipping quote.