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Organ Covers

Organ Covers

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These custom organ covers manufactured in the United States, and made to your provided measurements to ensure the best possible fit. The fabric covers are made out of the same high quality materials used on our piano covers. If you have a church organ, or a school or university organ, we recommend the heavy quilted mackintosh material. It's the most durable material, and offers the most padding to physically protect the instrument.

Covering the Piano Bench:

For the fabric organ covers, you have the option of it covering the organ only, or the organ and the piano bench, when the bench is pushed up against it. If you want it to cover the bench as well, select the "Yes - Cover the organ AND piano bench" option in the drop down menu. We will need to know the height and width of the bench, and how far it sticks out past the organ (when it is pushed up against it).

Sheet Music Rack Slit:

Some organs have a built in sheet music rack which does not fold down, and thus you will need a custom slit put on the top of the organ cover to slide the music rack through. Select the option at the drop down menu. Please note we will need the following measurements in order to add the slit: 1). the width of the music rack, 2). the distance from the outer edge to the base of the music rack, on the left and right side, and 3). the distances from the edge of the top of the organ from the front and back of the piano, to the music rack. We can send you a diagram of the needed measurements after you place the order if you have any questions.

Measuring Your Organ:

Our goal is to make the best fitting cover possible for your organ. To get a good fitting cover, you will need to take 7 different measurements of your organ (sizes and shapes can differ significantly between makes, models and years manufactured, so the measurements are necessary). We have included a diagram below to help you out.

Note: These organ covers will be made custom to the measurements you provide, and thus they are not returnable. So please be careful when taking down your piano measurements (it never hurts to measure twice).

How to order:
1). Select the size range of your organ piano from the drop down menu (price is based on size). For example: the first size in the drop down menu is "Height 40" x Width 48". Thus, your organ should not exceed 40" in height or 48" in width.
2). Choose your desired material
3). Enter the manufacturer's name and the model of your piano
4). Enter the measurements (in inches) in the corresponding boxes at the top of the page, of the diagram below.

organ cover template for custom made fabric cover

Material Choices

The foundation of a piano cover is the quality of the materials used. We have spent years working with American material suppliers, carefully reviewing and selecting the finest materials for their aesthetic appeal, protection, durability, and functionality. We are confident that we offer the highest-quality, most attractive fabric options on the market.

  • black vinyl piano cover

    Black Vinyl

  • brown vinyl sample

    Brown Vinyl

  • white vinyl piano cover

    White Vinyl

  • beige vinyl piano cover material

    Beige (Tan) Vinyl

  • burgundy vinyl piano cover

    Burgundy Vinyl

  • black mackintosh piano cover material

    Black Mackintosh

  • brown mackintosh piano cover material

    Brown Mackintosh

  • piano cover black quitled nylon

    Black Quilt

  • black premium quilt piano cover material

    Premium Black Quilt

  • brown premium quilt piano cover material

    Premium Brown Quilt

  • heavy quilted black mackintosh material

    Heavy Quilted Black Mackintosh

Piano Cover Material Guide

Want help deciding between material choices? Click below for a detailed description of each fabric choice.


Shipping on all organ covers is free to the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $79.95 per cover. Shipping to Canada is $89.95 per cover. International customers, please email us for a shipping quote.