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Bluthner Embroidered Piano Key Cover

Bluthner Embroidered Piano Key Cover

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This felt piano key cover is embroidered with the Bluthner logo, creating an attractive accessory that highlights your piano's brand, while also protecting the piano from damage. With a soft felt, these covers help protect your keyboard from dust, dirt, and moisture. Keeping dust off your keys is important, as the oils from your fingers will mix with the dust and eventually leave your keys with that yellow/brown tint. Felt covers also help absorb any dampness, protecting the inner components of your piano (which is only worsened when the moisture is mixed with an accumulation of dust). Finally, the fabric key covers offer UV protection, protecting both ivory and plastic piano keys from sun damage and fading.

Designed to fit any 88 note piano or keyboard. A stylish and functional addition to your Bluthner grand piano.

Standard Felt vs Premium Felt:

We are now happy to offer an upgraded version of the felt material, available in red or black. The Premium felt is a thicker, more heavy duty cover, which offers the ultimate in protection from dust and dampness.


Shipping for our keyboard dust covers is free to the United States. International customers, please email for a shipping quote.