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Beige Velvet Piano Cover For Pianos 5'3" to 5'6"

Beige Velvet Piano Cover For Pianos 5'3" to 5'6"

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This premium luxury piano cover is designed to fit pianos that measure between 5'3" and 5'6". When measuring your piano you want the longest length possible, including the piano keys--so you measure from the very front of the keyboard to the tail end of the piano.

This handcrafted cover is made from exquisite premium beige velvet twill, showcasing an elegant pleated edge design that bestows your piano with a timeless aesthetic. The pleated edge design adds a touch of classic and opulent style to the cover. Additionally, the cover is lined with a soft inner liner, ensuring your piano remains safeguarded from any potential harm.

Our Fabric Cover Goal:

There are a number of cheap velveteen piano covers on the market--made of a very low quality fabric, which is thin, sheds all over your piano, and has that cheap plastic shiny look (velveteen is imitation velvet). Our goal is to offer a piano cover in a high-end, premium velvet material, worth of being put on your quality piano and displayed in your home.

Premium Velvet Material:

In our pursuit of crafting top-tier products, we've chosen to employ an enhanced twill velvet for our fabric piano covers. The internet is flooded with low-cost Chinese velveteen options, which are essentially inexpensive fabrics attempting to mimic the luxurious feel of velvet. These alternatives typically lack thickness, fail to incorporate a plush inner lining for piano protection, and are prone to shedding their imitation velvet fibers each time you handle the cover (you'll notice after taking the cover off a few times, the piano is covered tiny velveteen fibers). In stark contrast, our premium material not only exudes elegance but also offers practical functionality, making it the ideal choice to adorn your Yamaha piano.

What is the difference between twill and normal fabric?

These fabric piano covers use a twill fabric, which is a more durable, and has a more attractive pattern and texture, compared to the standard plain weave fabric. Twill fabric is woven in a diagonal pattern. This means that the threads (warp and weft) are interlaced in a way that creates a distinctive diagonal or zigzag pattern on the fabric's surface. Twill weaves tend to be more durable than plain weaves because of the way the threads interlace. The diagonal pattern creates fewer interlacings per inch, making the fabric denser and less susceptible to wear and tear.


Shipping on all grand piano covers is free to the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $79.95 per cover. Shipping to Canada is $89.95 per cover. International customers, please email us for a shipping quote.