How Our Piano Cover Materials Outperform the Competition

When it comes to protecting your piano, investing in a high-quality cover is of the utmost importance. Covers provide protection against physical damage, dust, sunlight, dampness, and temperature changes, along with being an attractive accessory. However, not all piano covers are created equal. At, we take immense pride in offering American-made piano covers that are crafted with the finest fabric materials on the market. Of particular note, is the quality of our materials vs that of our competitors—especially against the cheaper Chinese-made covers that are appearing on the market. In this article, we will delve into the stark differences between our premium piano covers and those of other online piano cover suppliers, and highlight the advantages of our superior fabric.

Padding: The Importance of Extra Protection. 8x Thicker!

One of the most critical aspects of a piano cover is its thickness, as it directly affects the level of protection provided. Our premium quilted covers are an industry-leading 1/2" thick, providing a substantial barrier against potential damage. In comparison, the quilted covers of many of our competitors are a mere 1/16" thick, leaving your instrument vulnerable to scratches, dents, and other accidents. We’re proud to say our quilted covers are 8x thicker! This substantial disparity guarantees superior protection against potential damage, ensuring the longevity of your piano and its finish.

Below you can view a comparison image of our black premium quilted material next to one of our competitor’s black quilted covers. As you can see, their cover is extremely thin, without any padding—it’s just two layers of cheap nylon fabric, that have had a quilted design sewn into it. It’s nothing more than a thin dust cover.

  • piano cover material comparison

Note: While the above comparison highlights the differences between our premium nylon quilted covers and the competitions quilted nylon covers, if you’re looking for the ultimate in protection and durability, we carry a heavy quilted mackintosh material. This material has the most padding of any of the cover options, and is a popular choice for schools, churches, etc.

Inner Lining: Soft Cotton vs. Scratch-prone Nylon

The inner lining of a piano cover plays a vital role in preventing any potential harm to the instrument's delicate surface. Our covers feature a soft cotton inner lining, carefully selected to ensure optimal protection and gentle contact with your piano. This cotton lining not only safeguards against scratches but also helps to maintain the piano's finish in pristine condition.

In stark contrast, our competition’s covers employ a nylon fabric lining that lacks the same level of softness, significantly increasing the risk of scratching to your instrument when taking the cover on and off—especially if you have dust build-up on your piano.

Below is an example of our black premium quilted material, with a soft cotton lining. In contrast, the other manufacturer’s cover uses a thin nylon inner lining (the same as they use for their outer layer). While that may keep their cost down, you do not want to be dragging nylon across a piano.

  • Our black premium quilt material with gray soft cotton inner lining.

  • piano cover material comparison black quilt nylon

    Our competitor's black quilted nylon material with an inner lining of nylon material.

Premium Fabric Materials

We carefully work with material manufacturers in the US, to select high-quality fabrics for our piano covers. We understand that material choice is paramount when it comes to both the visual appeal and the durability of a piano cover. That's why we exclusively use premium materials on both the outer and inner layers, ensuring that our covers not only look elegant but also stand the test of time.

Our premium quilted covers are a testament to our commitment to excellence. The outer layer is made from a carefully selected premium nylon, which adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design (premium quilted covers are considered the most elegant option). Unlike our competitors, who often resort to using cheap, thin nylon, we believe in providing a superior product. Our premium nylon does not possess the appearance of a cheap plastic material (think for example, the look of the shiny nylon on a sleeping bag, or an inexpensive windbreaker); instead, it exudes an air of professionalism and luxury.

When you compare our covers side by side with budget-friendly options, the difference becomes readily apparent. The quality of our professional-grade material speaks volumes and is instantly discernible to the discerning eye. Simply put, we use a thicker, denser material, with a higher thread count. It’s a more expensive fabric to purchase, but it provides a vastly superior product.

The same applies to our vinyl piano covers, which use a thicker, furniture-grade vinyl. It will not peal and crack like the more inexpensive options, and it has an elegant look, compared to the cheap plastic sheen you’ll notice on inexpensive vinyl.