Should I get a Macintosh quilted or vinyl cover?

Choosing between mackintosh and vinyl depends largely upon where your cover will be used. Consider the following:

Vinyl Piano Covers:

Vinyl is very easy to wipe clean when wet, is lightweight which allows our customers to easily remove and place back on the piano, and is easily cleaned by using either a damp cloth or by vacuuming. If your piano is in a highly visible and in a location where many people will be around, vinyl tends to be the best fabric for your piano cover. If liquids will be near your piano and there is a chance of spilling (or people putting a cup on top of the cover and leaving a ring), you will want a vinyl cover. Vinyl, within reason, will not absorb the liquid and leave a stain (anything spilled on mackintosh will be absorbed if not quickly blotted).

A stylistic advantage of vinyl piano covers is it's the only material offered in multiple colors. We have black, brown, beige, burgundy, and white vinyl available.

Here is a picture of a vinyl cover

Vinyl Panels

Mackintosh Piano Covers:

Mackintosh is exceptionally tough and durable and well suited for use in schools, churches, theaters and studios. Mackintosh is thicker than vinyl, and offers more protection from bumps and scratches. Mackintosh has a warmer look than vinyl, and many people prefer its cloth look to that of vinyl. Furthermore, mackintosh breathes more than vinyl. Vinyl traps heat, so if your piano gets a lot of sunlight, you will want to get a mackintosh cover. A downside to mackintosh is that it is harder to clean. It cannot be wiped down with a wet cloth like vinyl. The best way to clean it is with a vacuum.

Quilted Piano Covers:

Quilted covers offer a luxurious appearance, and look very professional. For an image example, see: Black Quilted Grand Piano Cover. The extra padding provides additional protection against physical damage. Our premium quilt covers are especially effective against damage from blunt trauma, and they are also water resistant. Quilted covers the lightest and easiest to remove. If the cover is for an older person, you may want to consider getting the quilted cover.

Note many of our competitors use a smaller 1" quilted diamond pattern. We have experimented with different size diamond patterns, and found the 4" pattern to be the most visually appealing size, as well as allowing for the most padding to be inserted (the padding is thickest in the center, narrowing towards the stitched seams, and with a 1 inch diameter pattern you cannot fit enough padding for the cover to be protective, and it becomes paper thin along the stitched areas).

Want to see examples of the fabric choices? Click: piano cover material options

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